Soccer For Dummies

Soccer is a game played by two teams with 11 players each on a field with a goal for each team. It’s the most popular team sport on the planet, a fast-paced game with few breaks and one simple aim — to score a goal. On some continents, the game’s called football; on others, it’s called soccer. Other names for the sport include footyfitbafútbolcalciofutebolvoetbolle footfocisakka, and bong da. Everywhere, however, soccer, as it’s known in the USA, is called the beautiful game.

What a Soccer Field Looks Like

A soccer field (sometimes referred to as “the pitch”) is at least 100 yards long, 50 yards wide, and has a goal centered at both ends. Within the field are markings including those for the penalty area and spot, the center spot for kick-offs, and, of course, the corners — without which corner kicks would just be kicks.

The field of play is divided into two halves by the halfway line, which joins the middle of both touchlines. In the middle of this halfway line is the center mark commonly referred to as the center spot. Around it is marked a circle with a 10-yard radius.

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